To provide distinct and innovative, astronomy & space science services and products that are simple and fun to understand, spark the imagination of all, and are delivered by the knowledgeable, friendly staff to provide a memorable experience.

To be a global leader in providing astronomy and space themed products and services by the year 2020. We aim:

To develop and popularize astronomy in India

To Contribute to the nation's Economy through the untrapped Potential of Astro-tourism

To establish india on a Global space science platform

To create proficient scientific educators and communicators

To Provide entrepreneurship and Employement Oppertunity

To build practical in-depth knowledge about the application of astronomy

To create a Global association with international space science agencies, societies, amateur & professional organizations, government agencies, science observatories, and companies.

Get involved in public outreach of astronomy with a goal to make a difference in the community.

Develop leadership skills as well as skills for working as an effective team member.